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Below are the ways in which you can donate to Vision Impaired of Marin, check or PayPal. We are always looking for volunteers as well if you wish to donate in this way. You can contact us with any questions. 

Dear VIM Friend,

My name is Suzanne Tremolada, a member and volunteer of Vision Impaired of Marin (VIM). I am legally blind with an early onset genetic form of macular degeneration. I am 62 years old and was diagnosed at age 35. Even with family support I felt isolated and struggled in many ways.

At age 56, while touring the Senior Faire at the Civic Center, I came upon the VIM booth and met some wonderful people like me. I immediately got involved; joined a support group, the art class, attended luncheons and other activities and outings. I have tremendous gratitude for the difference VIM has made in my life, and it is a joy to contribute and volunteer. However, I could have benefited from VIM much earlier in my life.

VIM has served the vision impaired of Marin since 1974 and has done so without Government funding, relying solely upon the compassion and generosity of the people of Marin.

Now is the time of year when year-end giving is planned. Your tax-deductible gift would help VIM outreach and carry on its mission of bringing activities and fellowship to many of the thousands of vision impaired people of Marin.

Thank you for caring and supporting the blind and low vision community. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience or you may go to our website and click on the PayPal link.
— Sincerely, Suzanne Tremolada

Use PayPal to Donate:

You can send a donation check to:

Vision Impaired of Marin
851 Irwin St., Suite 206, San Rafael, CA 94901

Tax Deduction Info

Tax ID No. 94-2855368
VIM is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Organization
(Blind and Vision Impaired of Marin, Inc.)

We appreciate your donation and time.