2017 VIM Board Members & Officers

  • Lillian Dreyer, President

  • Ara Apkarian, Secretary

  • Susan Malardino, Treasurer

  • Anabella Denisoff

  • Ron Leach

  • August Colenbrander, M.D.

  • J.R. Hastings, Esq.

We are all volunteer members of VIM committed to serving our vision impaired neighbors.

The Board meets on the 3rd Friday at 1:30pm

VIM welcomes inquiries, comments, and suggestions. We also welcome new volunteers to read, drive or serve at our scheduled VIM activities.

VIM depends upon the generous donations of our caring community in order to continue our efforts to support the vision impaired. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

**All contributions are tax deductible. Vision Impaired is a 501(c)(3) non profit, public charity organization.